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I’m Swapnil,
Inspired by Nature, crafting delightful experiences.

​While initially refining my 3D sculpting skills as an Environment Artist, I ventured into keyframe animation and storyboards.


This exploration of diverse creative realms has propelled me from sculpting landscapes to seamlessly integrate grid-based designs, culminating immersive user experiences that captivate and engage. More recently, I've been crafting innovative Product Designs for clients across gaming, media, luxury, and eCommerce.

Things that put a smile on me
Futuristic sci-fi stuff, delicious food, and Cats.

Top Habit

Drawing daily

Currently Exploring

VisionOS, Blender & Webflow

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recognitions and
recently featured on

2023  |  Bravo Award

Creative | Tech M x BORN Group

2022  |  Fun on the Run' 22

Creative | BORN Group

2021  |  Artist Spotlight

Adobe Live | Behance

2020  |  Pat on the Back Award
Creative | TietoEVRY

2017  |  Helix Award

Excellence | Creative | BMC Software

2013  |  Designer of the Q4

OfficeMax | USA Design Showcase

2012  |  Winner Q2

OfficeMax | USA Design Showcase

2012  |  Best Performer 2012

Rewards & Recognition | Global Ad

2011  |  Designer of the Q4

For the 1st time in Global Ad.,

2 winning design entries

2011  |  Best Performer 2011

Rewards & Recognition | Global Ad

2011  |  Designer of the Q2

OfficeMax | USA Design Showcase

2010  |  Designer of the Year
Jury Awards, IIDT Annual Recognition

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